Dreams dictionary: Comet

Dreams dictionary: Interpretation 1
To see a Comet in your fantasy shows that you have to proceed onward and free yourself from passionate and physical weights. Charge forward toward your objectives."
Dreams dictionary: Interpretation 1
To see a comet in your dream indicates that you need to move on and free yourself from emotional and physical burdens. Charge forward toward your goals.
Dreams dictionary: Miller Dream Interpretation
To dream of this heavenly awe-inspiring object sailing through the skies, you will have trials of an unexpected nature to beset you, but by bravely combating these foes you will rise above the mediocre in life to heights of fame. For a young person, this dream portends bereavement and sorrow.
Dreams dictionary: English dream book Zedkielom (Morrison)
I never dreamed of a comet - said the wise Ptolemy. - But we know that this dream portends great and countless disasters: famine, war, ruthless and massacres. The man who dreamed of a comet can expect any unhappiness, change anything and everything for the worse. When he saw in a dream comet, put your travel plans, give up the exciting, but risky enterprise, try not to get into dangerous situations. Otherwise you will have to suffer grievously. "