Dreams dictionary: Candles

Dreams dictionary: Miller Dream Interpretation
To see them burning with a clear and steady flame, denotes the constancy of those about you and a well-grounded fortune. For a maiden to dream that she is molding candles, denotes that she will have an unexpected offer of marriage and a pleasant visit to distant relatives. If she is lighting a candle, she will meet her lover clandestinely because of parental objections. To see a candle wasting in a draught, enemies are circulating detrimental reports about you. To snuff a candle, portends sorowful{sic} news. Friends are dead or in distressful straits.
Dreams dictionary: English dream book Zedkielom (Morrison)
If you do happen suddenly in a dream candle wax - so, soon you will be of great benefit to people, and your participation in someones fate would be indispensable. If you dream you are buying a candle - so will soon be a great and fun holiday. Brightly burning candle in a dream promises receipt of the letter is very pleasant for you content. Great sadness bring a dream in which you see a candle or candle suddenly extinguished candle. This dream portends death or illness of someone from friends or relatives.